Larry J Policano is a local businessman and developer in Clarksburg.

He is the owner and operator of Clarksburg Beauty Academy, one of the largest accredited cosmetology schools in the state of West Virginia and has chosen to keep its location in uptown Clarksburg for over 55 years

Larry is also the developer for Rose Bud Inc and has several other business interests in uptown Clarksburg.

Larry has been on the board of the Clarksburg Uptown group since its inception, and has been active in many projects including spearheading the project of commissioning and coordinating the installation of the “Welcome To Clarksburg“ signs in various locations in uptown Clarksburg.

Heading up the project of improving the appearance of the Waldo building on Pike Street fourth Street and Hewes Avenue. As well as projects to improve the appearance of vacant store fronts throughout uptown Clarksburg.